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Bookings can be made by telephone, fax, email or on-line.

On-Line Booking

For account holders, we have the facilities to allow you to book journeys via the internet. you can follow all your jobs online and it means no call queuing or phone delays.

Each registered account can supply details of regular addresses for pick ups and destinations, references, cost centers, passenger and booker names. Required restrictions are wholly adhered to.

Confirmation of the booking is e-mailed to the customer quoting the docket number and journey details.

Once the booking has been allocated, you are more than welcome to contact the driver for his exact position and expected time of arrival.

If you are interested in booking online then please phone our Customer Services Department on +4474186 01148

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    ‘I always find Chase staff to be polite and helpful when I call to arrange a booking. They work hard to find solutions for me and are happy to discuss various booking options. Their cars and couriers are never late’.

    JB Enfield Business Owner June 25, 2023